Fiberglass Domes

Since years, domes have been built using a wide variety of materials. We are specialized in the manufacturing of Fiberglass Domes for commercial and religious institutions. The major advantages of using fiberglass in the domes are their light weight, low maintenance, high strength and excellent flexibility in design that is not possible with other materials. In addition to this, the use of fiberglass in the domes makes them highly resistant to rust, rot, corrosion and weather. These domes are easily repaired in the event of any damage. We have used technologically advanced methods in designing the domes that assure complete protection from flame, hurricane and earthquake. Fiberglass is an excellent material that can be easily molded into different complex shapes with ease; hence the domes can be designed into different shapes like corrugated, curved, ribbed or contoured.

Material Fiberglass
Use Hotel, House
Design Antique

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